Pre-Test Training

Have you ever found that you become much more nervous when you’re about to try something new, or enter a new environment? Don’t worry - it’s completely natural. Many of us suffer with mild neophobia - a fear of the unknown - which can make us feel nervous, anxious, and bring us out in a cold sweat whenever we’re in an unfamiliar situation. That’s why children can sometimes seem afraid of trying new foods, or why your hands shake on the first day of a new job. It’s also why you’re apprehensive about taking your driving test - because you don’t really know what to expect.

That’s why we’ve trained our all-female team of approved driving instructors to undertake pre-test training with learner drivers who are getting close to the big day. Pre-test training is designed to complement your essential driver training lessons, and any additional tuition you undertake with a sponsor. It helps to not only give you the vital skills you need to ace your practical driving test - skills which may not be covered thoroughly by the EDT course - but also to help calm your nerves and give you a taster for what the real driving test will be like. The concept is simple - with pre-test training, you should feel confident that you have everything you need to confidently sit your driving test.

How Does Pre-Test Training Work?

Pre-test training works is two ways; firstly, it ensures you have the necessary experience and a level of both practical and theoretical knowledge that your driving examiner will be looking for on the day. Secondly, it helps to settle your nerves by removing the unfamiliar aspect that can affect your performance. By the time you take your test, you should know the local test routes like the back of your hand!  

Pre-Test Driving Lessons

The introduction of essential driver training in Ireland aimed to ensure that learner drivers were not simply being taught the industry tips and tricks to get them through their driving test, but also skills that they would require in the future, such as night driving, for example. However, we realise that it’s also important to pass your test! That’s why we offer pre-test training lessons. These lessons work alongside EDT lessons, filling in any gaps that could make it easier for you to pass your test.

Mock Examinations

If you’re happy to do so, we can arrange for you to take a pre-test ‘test’ before the real thing. You’ll be sitting the ‘test’ with your regular driving instructor which should help to keep your nerves in check, and we’ll take you around all the local driving test routes that your examiners are likely to use, so that you can become familiar with the roads and can get more of an idea of what will be asked of you. This is a good chance for your instructor to pick up on any bad habits and correct them.

Pre-Test Training FAQ

It’s natural to have some questions about our style of pre-test training, and how it could benefit you. Here are some of the most common questions our learner drivers ask us:

Do I Still Need Essential Driver Training?

Pre-test training isn’t designed to replace EDT. Essential driver training - a minimum of 12 hours - is required by law in Ireland, and you will not be able to take your test if you have not completed these sessions. Pre-test training is intended to complement these lessons, providing extra information about what you’ve learned, and offering more advice and tips relating to your driving test.

When Should I Schedule Pre-Test Training?

We think that pre-test training is the ideal accompaniment to EDT, so we recommend scheduling pre-test training lessons in amongst your regular EDT course. We often see our learners taking an EDT lesson one week, and a pre-test training lesson the following week. For a mock examination, we recommend taking this 2 weeks before your test, so we can iron out any kinks before the big day.

What Sort of Training Can I Expect?

Our all-female team of driving instructors are registered ADIs, listed on the RSA’s database of ADIs across Ireland (you can check our credentials here). What this means is that each and every one of our female instructors has successfully completed the three part ADI examination and is trained to provide the highest quality tuition for learner drivers. You can expect nothing less than perfect.