Female Drivers: Debunking the Myth

Women drivers, hey? According to media reports, we’re slow, we can’t park, and reversing around a corner? Forget about it! Women have had to deal with these stereotypes for years, so should you be worried about taking driving lessons from a female instructor? No! Finally, new technology is allowing us women to show the world what we’re really made of, and guess what - early reports are showing that we might even be better drivers than our male counterparts!

Women as Safer Drivers?

‘Black box’ car insurance is fast becoming a hot new trend. The way it works is simple - cars are being fitted with black boxes (similar to the type you'd find on planes) which can record driving data and feed it back to insurance companies. If you’re shown to be a relatively safe and responsible driver, you may be offered a better insurance deal as you’re deemed to be a much lower risk. One of Ireland’s first insurance companies to make use of this technology has released their early findings, and have suggested that, overall, women drivers are performing much better on the roads than men.

Black box data has shown that women tend to rank higher than men in areas that are particularly risky, which could suggest we’re less likely to get into an accident. On the whole, women perform better at accelerating at a reasonable rate, braking sensibly, and using appropriate speeds and maintaining good road positioning when turning corners. The Road Safety Authority reports that 80 percent of drivers killed on Irish roads are men, again suggesting that women could be safer drivers.

A Male Dominated World?

More men hold full driving licences than women, and the majority of driving instructors are men. Driving is still a male dominated world, but the good news is that it’s a world that women are starting to find their place in. Today, more women are learning to drive - there are even more female learner drivers in areas such as Carlow, Clare, Dublin, and Kildare than there are men! We’re even starting to see some of our very own making a name for themselves on the racing scene. It may have been years since Sarah Kavanagh hung up her racing gear, but she’s still a household name, and newcomer Gabby McDonald is set to change the face of the drag racing world in the next few years.

Do Women Make Good Driving Instructors?

Since 2006, driving tuition has been strictly regulated by the Road Safety Authority. This means that all professional driving instructors - regardless of their gender - need to undertake a 3 part approved driving instructor test. Women are tested in the exact same way as men, with a theory test, a practical driving test, and an instructional ability test, so there should really be very little - if any - differences in skill, experience, and ability between male and female driving instructors.

At our all-female driving school, we offer driving lessons for women, by women. We do this so that female drivers in Ireland can be given a greater choice of instructor, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident on the road. We DON’T do it because we want to offer a different level of service. Our aim is to give you the exact same level of care and support when you’re learning to drive as you’d get from any high quality ‘normal’ driving school. With us, you get a great learning experience from instructors with years of experience under their belts. The only difference is there’s a little less testosterone in the car!