Driving Lessons for Muslim Women

Although there is nothing is Islamic law that prohibits a woman from getting behind the wheel, a trend we’re seeing in the driving industry is that many Muslim women are opting not to learn to drive, or are delaying learning until much later in life, when having access to a car is more of a necessity than a desire. When the kids need ferrying back and forth to school, or an elderly relative becomes unwell, a car really is necessary for day-to-day life. But how easy is it for Muslim women to learn to drive? And, more importantly, how easy is it to find a suitable driving instructor?

It can be challenging for Muslim women living in Ireland to find a suitable driving instructor. In the UK, things are much easier, as there is no law dictating how many hours of training you must have with an approved driving instructor. This means that you can be taught exclusively by a mahram man - problem solved! For learner drivers in Ireland, however, it’s a legal requirement that you undertake at least 12 hours essential driver training with an approved driving instructor, and for many Muslim, women picking a suitable instructor can prove to be a bit of a nightmare because of a lack of choice.

If you do not wish to communicate with a non mahram man, or don’t want to enter into haram activity by sitting alone in a car with a non mahram man, then our all-female team of driving instructors is here to help. Offering driving lessons for women, by women, we give all ladies a greater and more flexible choice over their appointed driving instructor. Our aim is to provide friendly, professional driving instructors that women of any religion can feel comfortable with. And our ultimate goal is to get more women on the roads, enjoying their freedom and their lives.

Our skilled and experienced team of female ADIs are trained to offer a high level of tuition and offer support to all women, and all ages, all backgrounds, and all religions. However, we understand that Muslim women may have specific needs that are important address during driver training. That’s why we’re happy to tailor our service to focus on issues that might be affecting you when in the car:

Lack of Confidence

While every woman is different, the prevalence of a lack of confidence is something that tends to be high among women living in traditional Muslim communities. This lack of self esteem can manifest in situations that are unfamiliar or when you feel more ‘on edge’ than usual, such as during your driving lessons. Our female ADIs are experienced in helping nervous learner drivers to build up their confidence, which can really improve performance on the road and increase the chance of passing.


Did your mother drive? Or your grandmother? Traditionally, it’s quite unusual for Muslim women to learn to drive, which means you may have grown up without a female driving role model in your life. Your mother and grandmother may have been looked after by the men closest to them in terms of transport, and the concept of learning to drive as a woman may be a bit alien to you. Don’t worry! We’ll help you feel at ease behind the wheel, and it will feel completely natural in no time!

If you’ve been struggling to find a female driving instructor in Ireland, give us a call. We’ll arrange essential driver training and any additional lessons you need with our friendly and professional ADIs who will support you every step of the way.