Automatic Driving Lessons

We’re proud to offer our learner drivers the opportunity to learn in automatic vehicles, providing complete choice and flexibility for those that would prefer to drive a car with automatic transmission. On average the pass rates for driving tests taken in an automatic are slightly less than those taken in an manual vehicle, but the differences are negligible and you shouldn’t let this deter you. There are a number of benefits of learning in an automatic, especially for those taking an EDT course in Ireland.

Automatic Vehicle and Essential Driver Training

As you may know, learner drivers in Ireland are required to undertake a minimum of 12 hours essential driver training (EDT) before becoming eligible to take their driving test. The 12 EDT lessons are structured around lifelong driving skills, rather than simply the skills you need in order to pass your test, which can make it quite an intense and challenging course for new learners. The advantage of an automatic vehicle is that there’s less technical aspects to focus on, which allows you to pay greater attention to perfecting the skills necessary for EDT - positioning, or speed, for example.

Advantages of Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving an automatic isn’t all that much different to driving a go-kart (yes, really!), although it does require a lot more focus. In an automatic car, the vehicle automatically selects the correct gear for the situation, which means there’s no need for you to manually change gear as you slow down, speed up, or drive up steep inclines, for example. There are just 2 pedals, for accelerating and braking. Automatics can also play a huge role in building your confidence. It’s almost impossible to stall an automatic (although it has happened!), and there’s no worrying about rolling backwards on hill starts. Some of the most common driving worries are completely eliminated by an automatic car.

What You’ll Learn

Our all-female team of skilled approved driving instructors (ADIs) are trained to deliver the best possible tuition in both manual and automatic vehicles. As well as covering all the necessary skills outlined by the EDT course - as well as a few extras to help you ace your driving test - you’ll also learn some on-the-road tips and tricks designed to make driving an automatic transmission even easier. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about engine creep - including how it can benefit you, and how it can be a bit of a nuisance at times - and about left foot braking, such as when to use it, if it’s really necessary, and whether you’ll be penalised for it during your practical driving test!

Who Should Drive an Automatic Car?

Our automatic driving lessons are designed for everyone, but there are some people that we believe would benefit more from learning in an automatic car than others. If you’re especially nervous or lack confidence, we find that an automatic car can take away many of your primary worries, boosting your self esteem which can really improve your performance on the road. We also recommend trying an automatic if you’ve suffered with a number of fails on your driving test in the past when in a manual vehicle. An automatic could be just what you need to help you get that much-needed pass. We’ve also provided automatic driving lessons for learners with mild learning difficulties who have appreciated the simplicity of the vehicle, and we’ve seen great success with our pass rates.

Is there a Downside to Learning in an Automatic?

The only issue that we’d advise learners to be aware of is that if you pass your driving test in an automatic vehicle, your licence will only permit you to drive automatic cars. In the future, if you wish to drive a manual car, you will need to retake your test, which can be a nerve wracking experience! If you’re happy to drive automatic transmissions in the future, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider taking automatic driving lessons from us. Friendly, professional, and always ready to help, our all-female team of ADIs will provide you with all the knowledge you need to pass.